The Saint Joseph’s Shankill’s Butterfly Lunch will take place in The Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club on Friday the 23rd of June.

Following the hugely successful inaugural event in 2022 which raised €47,000, the target this year is to raise more! 

This year all funds raised will be in aid of our Bathroom Project;

The shared bathrooms at Saint Joseph’s Shankill need to be remodelled and updated to reflect the dementia specific needs of the people in our care and to uphold their dignity and privacy needs around personal care and bathroom activities.

While we have done so much to upgrade our living spaces over the years, we have never been in a financial position to upgrade our bathrooms.  Our bathrooms need to be multi-sensory, relaxing spaces for everyone to enjoy.

This project is estimated to cost approx. €200k, but it is so important.  Personal care is just that, personal and private. Our team are very skilled at creating lovely ambiances and atmospheres to make people feel respected and to uphold their dignity, especially during personal care. But we know we could do more to make this intimate care an even nicer experience and reflective of the magic we create every day.

Our vision is, soft lights twinkling on the walls and ceilings, relaxing surround sounds, aromas that fill the senses, and big warm accessible bathtubs or showers creating a feeling of comfort and luxury.

We are seen as the leaders in our field of residential dementia care, we invite people to come and visit us to see the way we care, we need to reflect this in the facilities we offer people and give them experiences that are not merely carried out to achieve cleanliness, but to relax, calm, and fortify them, so they feel they matter and they know they are loved.  This can be achieved through wonderful personal care delivered in sensory, relaxing, warm and welcoming bathrooms.


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