Soak up the cultural delights while participating and immerse yourself in all the Children of the World projects in Bangladesh. The trip is in no way a holiday; instead, it is an emotional roller-coaster that will challenge your purpose and feed your soul. 
The trip has been carefully organised with experienced staff from the UK and Bangladesh and is fully inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Individual Ticket

This includes all costs within Bangladesh (hotels, food, airport transfers and internal domestic flights).


The Cause

Sylhet town hosts some of the most expensive real estate in Bangladesh. However, it’s also home to some of the most deprived communities. This community is primarily the hidden workforce of Sylhet and is made up of low-income families.

Most families in the slum are disengaged from the mainstream and therefore find it extremely difficult to admit their children to mainstream schooling. The expectation is that once the children are 8-10, they will contribute financially to the family. 

Muslim Charity, with your help, has started a new school to support these children. It gives access to pre-primary education and prepares them for mainstream schooling. We use informal play techniques to provide young people the confidence and social skills they need to benefit from an education. 

You will spend time volunteering at the school, shadowing and playing games under the supervision of our champion teachers.