Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most impressive sights in Africa and climbing it is one of the all-time great achievements. It’s the largest freestanding mountain in the world and the trek encompasses terrains from jungle to glacier. Reaching the summit and watching the sun rise over the vast African plains truly is the experience of a lifetime.

Our trip is a 9-16 day adventure (including or excluding optional travel time after the climb) taking place in August-September 2021. Our climbs are split into groups of 20-40 Dig Deep fundraisers and each group will start climbing on one of the following days (subject to availability):

14th August 2021
18th August 2021
21st August 2021
25th August 2021
28th August 2021

Our fundraisers are undertaking this mammoth challenge to raise money for Dig Deep's water and sanitation projects in Kenya.

Dig Deep unlocks opportunity for Kenya’s poorest residents, county by county, by ensuring everyone has clean water, safe toilets and hygiene - forever. We’re currently working with Bomet County, where 8 out of every 10 people still lack these basics of life.

Initial Registration Fee

The second instalment of 200 is due before 31st January


If you have any questions or need assistance during this process then please contact or 0114 360 1471.