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People attending our day services Acorns look after our donkeys, alpacas, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, goats and our brand new additions Charles and Camilla our resident Emus! They learn about caring, feeding, cleaning & grooming and find it very therapeutic as it is calming, soothing and rewarding. Our animals always prove a popular attraction for visitors, too.


Adopt an animal with Aspens and you’ll be helping us to support not only the animals, but will also enable us to give valuable experience and life skills to those we support. Your adoption will help us continue our vital work and keep this unique opportunity for local families to come and enjoy our animals.

Adopt an animal as a fantastic and unique gift for animal lovers in your life. Choose from our range of adoption animals below;  from goats to emus and alpacas!


For £25 to £30 for the year our Adoption Pack includes:


  1. Pamphlet about your animal
  2. Certificate with picture of animal signed by our CEO
  3. Childrens Activity Sheet
  4. Year Adoption from date of adopting with possibility to renew
  5. 1 drink and snack at our Bluebell Café

Adopt Tess


Tess our Shetland pony came to us from a riding school in Essex She now loves to spend her days entertaining the people we support who enjoy walking and grooming her.


Adopt Tony The Pony

Tony The Pony

Tony The Pony our miniature Shetland also came to us from Essex and is firm friends with Tess You will often see him and Tess being walked and groomed by the people we support who adore them


Adopt Largetha


Lagertha is a mixed breed sow who came to live with us when her owners realised she was not a Micro Pig Her name comes from the TV series Vikings and she loves to hangout with her friend Ragnar


Adopt Ragnar


Ragnar is a Pot Bellied boar and like his friend Lagertha came to live with us when his owners realised he was not a Micro Pig They are now firm friends and happily spend their days together


Adopt Camilla


Camilla is one of our Emus and was named by the people we support She arrived around the time of the Kings coronation so it was a very popular choice They are both now enjoying being outside


Adopt Charles


Charles like Camilla was named by the people we support for the same reason They are both enjoying moving on from their original home in our small animal barn to a lovely new outside enclosure


Adopt the Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

Our trio of Alpacas Pacha Dobby and Ringo are all brothers who came to live with us in 2022 Their names were chosen by the public and have settled in and are enjoying their new home


Adopt Katie


Katie is a kind hearted Provence Jennie (a female donkey) who loves being walked and groomed by the people we support She has been part of the Aspens community for over 15 years


Adopt Valerie


Valerie the heavy weight pig can often be seen sunbathing or wallowing in the mud She was found wandering the fields around Kent and was bought to Aspens on the front seat of a small car


Adopt Bert


Bert is part of a duo of goats here at Aspens named after Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street fame Bert is a Billy Goat (Male) and is a breed called Boer Bert is loving but also very playful


Adopt Ernie


Ernie is the second half of the brother duo of goats and is also a Billy Goat (male goat) and is a breed called Boer Ernie is very keen on brambles especially when they are full of blackberries


Adopt Potter


Potter so called because he lived under the stairs as a piglet came to us in 2020 He shared his former home with a pet dog and when he first arrived would fetch a stick when thrown and bark