This year’s league will run on Thursdays from November 7th to December 12th and then from January 9th to February 13th. The Santa Run will take place on December 20th and will be separate to the league.

This year we will run a league format this is how it works. This is not too dissimilar to how things have always worked:

  • On your first night you will set a benchmark time. This will determine your first handicap.
  • Handicaps will be at 30 second intervals starting at 7pm. So if you have a 0 minute handicap you start at 7pm, if you have a 2 minute handicap you will start when the clock says 2 minutes and so on.
  • Once you start your run the aim is to finish as high up the finishing order as possible. The higher your finish the more points you accumulate. Remember, because of the handicap system, slower runners get a head start so anybody has the opportunity to finish first.
  • After each run your handicap will be recalculated for the next night to keep things fair. Handicaps are printed and displayed in the RSC reception before each run and also available online.
  • To register a score at the end of the league you must complete 8 runs. Your 7 best finishes will be used for your final score.

You must start on your correct handicap every night. Running off the wrong handicap will result in no score for that run.


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