Your summer fundraising walking challenge to help find local homes for local children. 

This year, 38,000 children will come into the care system in the UK. Many of them will have to move tens of miles away from everything they know and love due to a lack of local carers. Who cares?

We’re inviting you to show that you care. Get outside this summer, either on your own or as a team and cover your chosen distance as together we walk with the children and young people in care who have been placed miles away from everything and everyone they know. You can take part on your own or as part of a team! (Don’t forget to come up with a team name!) 

  1. Register and set up your Enthuse fundraising page to receive a Home for Good pedometer and shoelaces for all participants* 
  1. Walk, skip or run a distance set by you – in a day, a week or over the whole summer (don’t make it too easy! Set yourself a challenge...) 
  1. Share your journey with friends and family so that they can sponsor you and make a difference in the lives of children in care 
  1. Take photos and videos and share them by uploading them below. You’ll be in with a chance of winning a LIFETIMES supply of ice cream!!!** 


In order to remain accessible for all ages and abilities, ‘Walk with Me’ is an open challenge. However, we have put some ideas below in case you need some inspiration. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • 20 mile challenge – one in five children in care are moved over 20 miles from their local area*** 
  • 38,000 steps over one week or over the summer - one step for every child coming into care in the UK this year. 
  • Form a team and take on an all-day or night walk 
  • Walk or run from one landmark to another 
  • Walk or run 105 miles over the summer - for the 105 children who come into care every day in the UK. 


*Help us reduce waste by re-using your laces and pedometer if you took part last year 

**Terms and conditions apply. Prize supplied by Jude’s Ice Cream, proud supporter of Home for Good 

*** England statistic 

Free entry