Walk the Wall – are you up for the challenge?  

The children, young people and adults that we support here at the Percy Hedley Foundation encounter challenges every single day of their lives due to their disabilities.   

Can you take on our latest virtual challenge to support them? 

Our challenge runs from Monday 31st January to Monday 1st March 2022 and we are asking you to Walk the Wall – 85 miles that make up Hadrian’s Wall – the most significant pile of stones in the UK!!! 

Spanning across northern England, Northumberland holds the longest stretch of the wall and plunges across some of the county’s most staggering landscapes.   

1 mile is approximately 2,000 steps ……………. 

85 miles is approximatey 170,000 steps……………. 

Why not get up, get fit and make a difference with every single step you take. 

No entry fee – all we ask is that you pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship target of £50 to support the Percy Hedley Foundation. 




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