The Wadi Rum Trek will take you on a journey through surging dunes, chiselled canyons and all the dramatic hidden desert scenery the south of Jordan has to offer. This World Heritage site gives you a desert experience like no other, as you explore the home of several Bedouin tribes and take in their culture and cuisine along the way.

Every step you take through the ancient Wadi Rum desert engulfs you in its majesty and reminds trekkers of the endless beauty of Allah’s (SWT) creations. If you’re looking to experience Jordan’s wild beauty then put yourself to the test and sign up for the Wadi Rum Trek!

Every penny you raise for the Wadi Rum Trek goes right to our Emergency Response appeal, to help our brothers and sisters in times of crisis. When disaster strikes, Penny Appeal is there to help and by fundraising for Emergency Response, you can be too. 

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum (without Flights)