It’s VIRTUAL, it’s YOUR challenge and it's for ALL ages and abilities!

The final event of our Try-Challenge - Join us on 26th September 2020 to celebrate our children and young people. Simply pick the distance and your route and join our live online event at 8:30am, where teams from across the country will log in for a warm up and starting claxon.

Download Strava to show us your distance and get your medal to celebrate your success.

Awards for the top fundraiser in each challenge, top social media follower and our most super, tiny superheroes are also up for grabs!


Superhero Mile

One mile family walk for mini superheroes


6 miles

Join us for the start of your 6 mile challenge, complete it how you wish. On the streets, down the canal or round the local park!


12 Miles

Walk 12 miles starting at 8:30am. Walk it in your garden, local park or head for the hills.


18 Miles

18 miles across rolling hills, open fields or your favourite piece of water. Step up this September as part of our virtual group walk.