Learn more about Vestibular migraine, and how it can be managed in the continuation of this fascinating talk


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After the hugely successful event earlier this year, we are delighted to welcome back Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist Sheila Barrett from the East Cork Physiotherapy, Balance and Acupuncture Clinic in Cork.

Sheila will go through some of the many queries that came up in our previous talk back in January of this year, then look at more of the disabling aspects of vestibular migraine

If you

  • Experience dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium, spatial disorientation or balance issues
  • Are bothered by busy environments
  • Feel that your head is foggy or muzzy

Then this webinar may be for you.

Sheila Barrett has practised as a chartered physiotherapist for 35 years, working in both hospitals and private settings, at home and abroad. She specialised in Vestibular Rehabilitation and has a special interest in the care of people living with Vestibular Migraine.

This event was made possible by HSE National Lottery Award CHO 2 – Sligo