JOURNEY WITH US from Nazareth to the hillsides beyond Bethlehem, and help Christian communities get back on their feet!

Along the way, you'll meet vibrant Christian communities faithfully following Jesus in the land where he walked.  As you pass the milestones on the map you will receive an email containing links to stories, videos and prayers from the local Christian community and details of our work there.

Complete the registration form. Follow the simple instructions to set up your own fundraising page – Please note:

  • You can set up this page as either an individual or a team however before you go forward you need to decide which.
  • If you wish to set up a team, the leader or captain of the team needs to register the team first which is a simple option you click to create a team on page one of the registration form. Once the team is registered, the team captain can invite others to join as teammates by sharing the page with the links provided. Subsequent teammates can do the same once they join the team.
  • Individuals can set up their own fundraising page or find and join an existing team. If setting up as an individual, do not click the create a team option.

Set your fundraising target - think what impact you would like to make either as a team or by yourself. You can set your own goal for how much you’d like to raise. How about:

  • £750 – could fully train a new electrician or plumber
  • £2,000 - could pay a year’s tuition for a nurse
  • Or, set your own goal - any amount you would choose to raise will help us respond!

WALK, RUN, CYCLE or find your own creative way to cover the miles from Nazareth to our destination at  Bethlehem - and help build a future for young Christians in the Holy Land!


Register to let us know you're entering the Pentecost Challenge. You can start the challenge from 18th April!