Oi! How great is London? The life, the passion, the vibrancy.

There’s always something going on… including around 11,000 people that sleep on London’s streets every year. And 1000’s and 1000’s of hidden homeless who you don’t ever see.

That part’s not nice, is it?

That’s why we – the London Homeless Collective – are doing the London Walk (oi!).

On Saturday 19th March 2022 the London Homeless Collective and all of our friends will be marching, strolling and strutting together through the night to raise ever-important funds.  

We work together from pavement through to policy with one aim - to fight homelessness in the city. And we want YOU to join us!

Walking on the night are:

We’ll have two routes, a marathon and a 10k, both of which will journey through the streets of Central London. Along the route, they’ll be entertainment, pit stops and a fun, community atmosphere.

Can you walk the midnight walk?

Can you stroll to stop spiral of homelessness?

Want to make an impact with a marathon moonlight meander?

We’re asking everyone to raise between £150 or £350 each so we can reach our aim of raising £100,000 together, to fight homelessness.

All funds raised will go to the London Homeless Collective, or one of our member charities.

So, you can choose to give locally, or to the city as a whole. Whichever way you do it… just do it!


Walk this way to sign up 

If you have any issues using this site please contact stephanie.harvey@homelesslink.org.uk 


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Corporate Teams

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Both the 10k and marathon routes will finish in Trafalgar Square, back with our friends at The Connection at St Martin’s.

We’ll be there waiting for you with a hot cuppa, a cooling foot rub and a big pat on the back!

When you’re ready to head home, Charing Cross station is right around the corner, plus all the buses, tubes and cabs you could need to get you home safely.



From the pavement to policy – we’re there.

The London Homeless Collective is a movement of more than 25 charities that help people experiencing homelessness in London. Each of the member charities reflect the needs and diversity of the city.

Some are committed to campaigning and housing rights, while others focus on outreach in local communities, or supporting people with specific needs. As a collective, we work from the pavement through to policy to find solutions that work.

The London Homeless Collective share ideas, experience, and opportunities, and work together to ensure that nobody is left behind. We fundraise together for the greater good, because together we are stronger.

You can read more about us here.