Welcome to The Big Row, Love Rowing's annual fundraiser.

We are supporting and celebrating inclusive rowing programmes across the country.

As a group we aim to collectively row the circumference of the world - 40,075km, while raising funds to make rowing more accessible to all. 

The funds go to inclusive rowing initiatives - introducing rowing to people currently underrepresented in the sport.

This could be a state school project for children in communities who could benefit most, or a community initiative to encourage people with disabilities to try rowing, or funding adaptive equipment that means someone can row that otherwise would not be able to. 

Register today then choose your challenge!
It could be a time or distance, individual or with your club mates, over one day, a full week or even the whole month! We have lots of ideas on our website. Row on water or on a rowing machine.

Whatever you decide, you can then raise funds through sponsorship using your personalised fundraising page and help Love Rowing fund life changing projects.


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There are currently no entry options available for this event.