Team Black Toes Virtual Half Marathon

About Us

The Black Toes is a global running club with members throughout the world ( It originally started in Chicago USA, and now we represent 9 countries and counting!

Our runners simply share a love of running and enjoy competing in races as part of a team. We are not a conventional club attached to a locality or premises and our members generally train independently. However, we support each other through weekly online forums (facebook, strava), sharing the highs and lows of training and racing. Our team has runners of all abilities, and we always welcome runners who share our enthusiasm for the sport.

Although we are not a typical club, we gather to participate in national and international races together. Each year, we converge on a marathon selected by our members – team Black Toes have competed together in Berlin, Boston, Frankfurt, New York, Prague, Reykjavik, Toronto and Yorkshire to name a few. Team Black Toes even won the marathon team event in Reykjavik! Sometimes we use these team events to raise money for a charity. This year we plan on running the virtual half marathon in 9 countries continuously over 12 hours! We will use this as an opportunity to raise money for a hospice for terminally ill children.

Team Black Toes is free to join and open to runners of all ages and abilities ( We always welcome runners who share our goals of training, improvement and competition. We have coaches and seasoned runners on the team who share experiences and knowledge to help fellow members.

The Half Marathon

Due to our international base, The Black Toes Virtual Half Marathon has developed to bring our club members together once a year to celebrate our club, so we can collectively run together in all of the countries we represent. When our runners take off on the day of their half marathon they will know their fellow club members are also running in the USA, Ireland, UK, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Iceland, Cuba and Switzerland!

Race Details

The race is open to anyone who wants to register (not just team members). Participants will run a half marathon on Saturday 12th September at a time they choose. Preferably Black Toe members will try and meet that day and run together in their own countries. Results are then submitted to the website when the race is complete. For anyone that doesn't want to run the 13.1 miles there is a two and three person relay option. There is a 1k children’s event also.


Race entry is free this year, but we would ask that you make a donation to which is a hospice for terminally ill children.



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There are currently no entry options available for this event.