All the advice that comes from the experts is to exercise regularly, but how do you exercise when you live with migraine? It can be a trigger for many people.


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As part of our build up to International Women's Day (8th March) we present a talk on:

Exercise for Women with Migraine: Practical Strategies from a Chartered Physiotherapist for Migraine.

We are delighted to be joined by Chartered Physiotherapist, Dr. Michelle Biggins PhD., from ProActive Physiotherapy and Sports Injust Clinic in Galway.

Michelle Biggins is a chartered physiotherapist with specialist training in Headache & Migraine. She is passionate about providing evidence based exercise options for people with headache and migraine. Michelle also has migraine & understands the challenge of trying to live, work, parent & exercise while navigating a potential migraine attack.

Michelle will talk through several aspects of exercising with migraine including:

  • Why Exercise for Migraine?
  • What Type of Exercise is Best?
  • What Amount of Exercise is Most Effective?
  • Barriers to Exercise for People with Migraine
  • Returning to Exercise after bad bouts of Migraine or Poor Health 

The aim of this talk is to educate and empower people with migraine to incorporate exercise into their life in a way that is protective of their migraine and overall health.

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With thanks to the HSE National Lottery Office in North Tipperary for funding this event