Can your school help us raise awareness and funds to ensure that those children who have lost a brother or sister get the support they need and deserve? 

Sands works tirelessly to ensure that anyone affected by the loss of their baby gets the support they need, however they need it. As part of this work, we are currently developing a suite of resources for children grieving the loss of a sibling to improve their mental health outcomes.  

This winter, you can help us raise awareness and funds to support the development of our sibling support package.  

Each school can choose when and how to host their Starlight Walk. Some of our favourite ideas are below: 

  • Invite parents and walk around the village or town one afternoon 
  • Walk laps around the school field 
  • Walk around a local park, lake, castle or nature reserve 

Pupils are asked to collect sponsorship to help bereaved families get the support they need and deserve, but even if they’re not able to, they are still welcomed for their amazing efforts in raising awareness of baby loss. 


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Upon registering your interest, we'll be in touch using the email address or phone number provided to support you in getting your school involved.