Swap your warm bed at home for the cold floor of a railway station for just one night to support Railway Children. 

This event helps us to raise awareness and vital funds to change the lives of vulnerable children alone and at risk here in the UK, India & Tanzania. 

An event so simple, you can do it in your sleep. 💤

You'll have to be prepared for a cold, uncomfortable night but you will at least have a roof over your head, warm food and drink, and the companionship of your friends and colleagues.

This event won’t replicate the situations faced by the children we work with, but it will raise awareness of the issues and difficulties they face. We know that the more we can do together, the more we can support and change the lives of children who need us.

We believe in a world where no child ever has to live on the streets. 💚


If you are using the "Corporate Entry" option, you're space at a specific station is not reserved until your team have used your unique password to complete the "Claim a Pre-Paid Place" form.

If you do not complete this process as soon as possible, you are at risk of missing out on your station of choice. 


We are currently receiving record numbers of sign ups for our Sleepout event. If you are signing up after 7th March, we may not be able to guarentee that you receive a Sleepout hat, although we will do our best to make sure you do!


registrations are not available

There are currently no entry options available for this event.