Seeing as we won't be heading to the pub on St. Patrick's day 🇮🇪 this year, is there anyone up for our 3rd Saturday Road Runner's Front Door Challenge?

We're going again from our front door on the 17th March and strictly within government guidelines....shur what else would you be doing 😊

We'll be hoping everyone will wear a bit of green for St. Patrick's day and everyone can pick their own challenge whether it be a walk around the local park, a 5k walk or run, a 10mile run, half marathon or a 26.2m marathon once it's from your front door within all government guidelines and we see a few happy pic's afterwards we'll be happy!!

We are hoping to raise some much needed funds for our local Waterford Hospice and you can register below for €10 to be part of our 3rd Front Door Challenge (hopefully it won't be an annual event 🤣)

Individual Entry

Service Fee