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The Virtual Marathon Series are designed to make you the best that you can virtually be!

The Virtual Marathon Series asks you to take on a range of challenges all based around the original marathon distance of 26.2 miles.

Each run can be undertaken as an individual, in part of a team or with a running buddy. You also are able to tackle them in one go (a marathon of an accomplishment) or over the course of the month.

Each Virtual Marathon Series run has a special challenge linked to the event, based on a piece of marathon history specific to the event location. So whether it is beating ancient marathon times or getting your next PB, the Virtual Marathon Series will help you virtually become the greatest of all time.

Run Tokyo Challenge

ANYTIME CHALLENGE: Run just over 10k 4 times or split them with your friends.

The 4 x 4 challenge can be completed in a team of 4 or on your own. You need to complete 6.36 miles (10.24 km) 8 times in a month to complete this individually. In a team, you are splitting the burden amongst friends or work colleagues. As a team, you must complete 6.36 miles (10.24km) each, on the same day to record an official time. (We do except times on different days for your medals but your times will be recorded as unofficial on the leader boards. By submitting your 4 x 6.36 miles (10.24 Km), you will amass your marathon distance and the runners portal will calculate your marathon time. Once this is done you will be rewarded with your Run Tokyo Gold medal/medals.

How to sign up

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