You are invited to join Ravers2Runners and Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (LNADJ) to take part in the first annual Official ADE 5k run on Thursday, 19th October, from 08:30–09:30 am at Westerpark, home to the iconic Gashouder! 

This event is helping to shine a light on the importance of physical and mental wellbeing in the electronic music community at the world’s biggest conference of the year, Amsterdam Dance Event. 

Fully licensed by Amsterdam City Council and following a safe (and flat!) Strava route around the park, the team welcomes people of all abilities. It’s not a race, but a great way to network with like-minded industry professionals who share a common passion for running and love to start their day right! 

Ravers2Runners are a group of runners from the UK with a shared passion for music, parties and, like LNADJ and ADE, mobilising the dance music community to use their irrepressible energy for good. They recently took 250 runners on a 6km tour of Glastonbury Festival and have raised lots of money for charities during the pandemic through organised events such as running to Ibiza and back (albeit virtually!) ... 


Proceeds from the £10 entry donation to join the 100 runners will go to Get Equipped, a pioneering initiative run by the charity Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.

Get Equipped takes surplus DJ, Production and Music kits, donating them to educational and community organisations that support children and young adults globally.

With expert guidance from a team of world-class DJs and producers, they teach young people how to play, mix and make new music giving access to music education.

The project also takes young people off the streets into a safe place where they receive mentoring from positive role models and are provided with access to education and support services, encouraging them to re-engage with society.

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The Amsterdam Dance Event is a not-for-profit foundation that aims to thoroughly represent the electronic music industry and dance culture within its conference program, staff, partners, and audience.


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Do I need to register? - Yes so we can track numbers as we have a permit from AMS council. 

Where and when? - We aim to assemble at 8am at Westerpark city entrance. We will send exact location on email a few days before the run. 

What is the route? - We have a Strava route and will invite everyone to join in lead up to the run. Please be aware of other park users & stay out of their way. Headphones are strongly discouraged so you can hear other people if they are on a collision course! 

How fit do I need to be? - We aim to be accessible to all standards of runner. If you want to walk or wheel around the 5km route that is also cool. This is not a race, but a social event to promote well being. It’s also flat! Please bring appropriate footwear for a run. 

Weather - We have a saying ‘if you can rave in it, you can run in it’. However, we reserve the right to postpone/ reorganise/ cancel if the weather is really bad and might be dangerous. We will communicate on social media and email all registered runners. 

Indemnity - This is a fun social event. None of the organisers or their associates accept responsibility for any loss, injury or theft that may regrettably occur during the run. All registered runners partake at their own risk.


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There are currently no entry options available for this event.