Rainbow Walk

Taking a Rainbow Walk is a simple, fun way to inject some colour into your walk AND support your local NHS charity at the same time!  

Can you help us to raise money for life changing projects and enhanced experiences that offer hope and comfort to patients and their families across Edinburgh and the Lothians?  

Taking part in this colourful adventure is also a fantastic way to say thank you to NHS staff by providing them with wellbeing support that is over and above what the NHS can provide alone - caring for them whilst they care for us. 

How can I take part in a Rainbow Walk? 

It couldn’t be easier! During the month of May, simply choose different colour of the rainbow to ‘collect’ whilst out walking and either take photos to share, write a list or draw the objects you have seen in all the different colours.  

Planning your Rainbow Walk couldn’t be easier: 

  • Register as an individual or family team 
  • Choose how many days you would like walk to collect your colours for, e.g. 
    • 4 days (a colour a day) 
    • Over a weekend (2 colours a day)
    • All 4 colours in 1 day
  • Make it fun and take photos, write a list, draw objects or do all three.  Use the special activity sheet we’ll provide to document all the colourful things you collect along the way. 
  • Decide where you would like to take your walk(s). 
  • Ask friends and family to sponsor you or your team to reach a minimum suggested sponsorship of £30. 

How can your support help? 

  • Psychological and counselling support to our NHS Heroes throughout this pandemic and beyond, supporting their mental wellbeing. 
  • Support young people across Edinburgh and the Lothians who are facing increased mental health issues as a result of the pandemic, providing the right support at a time when they need it most.
  • Distribution of Art Packs to help patients pass the time, reduce isolation and look after their emotional wellbeing whilst staying in hospital away from loved ones and whilst there are visiting restrictions. 

REGISTER FOR FREE to take part and receive your downloadable Rainbow Walk pack which includes:  

  • Certificate to be coloured in as you collect each colour. 
  • A fun interactive worksheet where you can draw or list items you have collected in your chosen colours. 
  • Social media frames so you can share a photo of yourself and let your friends and family know you are taking part and supporting NHS Lothian.
  • Invitation to the Rainbow Walk Facebook Group, where you can interact with other Rainbow Walkers and see what they have been up to. 
  • Receive a special thank you goodie pack – which includes an Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation rainbow medal when you are finished.  



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