Illustrator and writer Sarah McIntyre is easy to spot in her pointy glasses and hats. Sometimes she writes and draws picture books and comics herself, sometimes she illustrates books for other people, including Giles Andreae, Alan MacDonald, Gillian Rogerson, Anne Cottringer, Philip Reeve and Claire Freedman. 

Kevin’s back for a third adventure in Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit!

Bumbleford has been rocked by a series of biscuit thefts. All the clues lead straight to the only roly-poly flying pony in town, and Max’s best friend, KEVIN!

Max and Kevin are forced to go on the run. Will they find the real culprit before Kevin ends up in pony prison?

Check out this fab film to give you a taster of what you can expect!

Sarah loves to hear from her readers, and would-be readers. Please click here to send pupil questions to Sarah. 


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