Are you ready to turn your miles into smiles? The Paris Marathon is your opportunity to not only conquer the 26.2 miles of one of the world's most iconic races but also to raise funds to help provide free cleft treatment around the world.

Why Run with Team EMPOWER for Smile Train? When you join Team EMPOWER, you become part of something extraordinary. Smile Train, the world’s largest cleft-focused charity, empowers local medical professionals to provide life-changing cleft lip and palate treatment to children in need. Your support helps us to change the world one smile at a time.

Team EMPOWER Support: We're with you every step of the way, ensuring your journey is memorable and impactful:

  1. Smile Train Fundraising Pack: Start your fundraising journey with confidence. Our comprehensive pack is filled with tips, resources, and creative ideas to help you reach your goal.

  2. Team EMPOWER Running Vest: Wear our exclusive Team EMPOWER running vest with pride, showcasing your commitment to the cause and sparking conversations along the way.

  3. Regular Emails: Stay informed and inspired with our event updates, fundraising advice, and crucial tips delivered directly to your inbox.

  4. Online Training Hub: Access our online training hub to find training plans, nutritional guidance, and expert advice that will prepare you for race day success.

  5. Share Your Story: Your fundraising journey is worth celebrating. We'll help you share your story with local and national press, inspiring others to join your cause.

  6. Certificate of Appreciation: After you cross the finish line and make an impact, we'll send you a certificate to display your achievement and support to Smile Train.

Every stride you take brings us closer to a world where every child in need with a cleft has access to the care they deserve. Join us today, and let's make the Paris Marathon about more than just running. It's about changing lives.

Ready to make a difference? Secure your spot in the Paris Marathon with a registration fee of £30 and a fundraising target of £500.


registrations are not available

The event is closed.


If you have questions about fundraising for Smile Train or would like help choosing your next event please contact by emailing [email protected] or calling 0300 124 5205.