PARAS'10 for Woody

Saturday, 8 October 2022, 11:00

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The PARAS’10 for Woody will take place on Saturday 8th October 2022.

This special guest event is being run in conjunction with Limitless Trails in honour of Capt Paul Wood PARA across the Brecon Beacons; an iconic training ground for The Parachute Regiment and SAS.

Entries will be strictly limited to 300 due to National Trust rules.

This event is adult only, with no kids race, and there will be prizes for individuals only (no team prizes).



PARAS' 10 for Woody TAB (With 35lbs)

Entry Fee - TAB

Use this tariff to enter the TAB and complete the PARAS' 10 course in boots and carrying a 35lb pack.


PARAS' 10 for Woody RUN

Entry Fee - RUN

Use this tariff to enter the Run.