PARAS'10 - Catterick 2024

Saturday, 28 September 2024, 11:00

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Founded by WO1 JJ Wilson PARA The PARA'S 10, was hosted by The Parachute Regiment in Aldershot 1982 - 1993. Since the Paras left Aldershot in 1993, this legendary event was dormant until it was revived by Major Sam McGrath in 2008, the event is now run by Pegasus Company, The Parachute Regiment's own training and selection wing. Now in its 15th year at Catterick, the PARAS' 10 is well established as one of the UK's "must do" endurance challenges as indicated below by the fact over 15,000 runners and ‘tabbers’ have attempted it over this period.

Please note for those wishing to run in teams. Only teams of 4 are allowed. So the team must only comprise of 4 team members. It can't be more and it can't be less. 


PARAS' 10 TAB (With 35lbs)

Entry Fee - TAB

Use this tariff to enter the TAB and complete the PARAS' 10 course in boots and carrying a 35lb pack.



Entry Fee - RUN

Use this tariff to enter the Run.


PARAS'2 for Kids

PARAS' 2 for Kids

The PARAS'2 is a fun run for children aged between 8 and 15 years of age. There is no timing however you will receive a memento. All children must be accompanied by an adult. (who runs for free)