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Programme Information
The Nurture Africa Volunteer Programme provides you with the unique opportunity to use your skills to support our ongoing work in Uganda whilst increasing your awareness and understanding of international development.

Commencing with 2 programme days in Dublin, you will then travel to Nurture Africa headquarters in Nansana, where you will be immersed in day-to-day life for the duration of your 3 week placement in this bustling and very welcoming community.​

To Apply:

1. Submit a completed application form below

2. Complete an informal interview process

​3. Commit to participating in two pre-placement programme days prior to your placement in Uganda

4. Commit to attending a debriefing and reunion workshop approximately 4 weeks after you return home from your placement.

Placement Information
Medical placements are available to qualified and student applicants (completed 2nd year as a minimum), studying in a relevant medical field. 

Your volunteer activities will focus on both health centre and community healthcare operations. Alongside your volunteer team and staff from ​the Nurture Africa health Centre, you will work within Nurture Africa's annual work plan and take part in timetabled activities such as voluntary counselling and testing for HIV, primary healthcare, community home visits and community healthcare workshops with primary and secondary school children. You will also have the opportunity to experience other areas of our work in Uganda, including education, nutrition and income generation support.

* All applications are subject to Garda/Police clearance

Placement One: 7th - 28th June


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Placement Two: 28th June - 19th July

Register 28th June - 19th July

Placement Three: 19th July - 9th August

Register 19th July - 9th August

2024 October Medical Programme

October Medical Programme