Sunday, 9 October 2022

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We are MacTuff; renowned as Scotland’s toughest obstacle course race, held at Knockhill Racing Circuit each January.

But now you have the chance to taste MacTuff without going to Scotland. We are coming to you, with a choice of challenges to suit all ages and abilities so no more excuses.

MacTuff 7k & 15k are the epitome of all that is MacTuff. Distances take place over challenging terrain; through mud, water and obstacles. Built to test your physical strength and your mental grit because we believe that true character is built through true challenge. MacTuff 7k & 15k is for anyone who has ever wanted to challenge themselves. It is for the thrill seekers, the renegades, the adventurers. MacTuff is for anyone looking to discover what exactly they are made of. And for those supreme warriors, each MacTuff 7k and 15k distance has an ELITE WAVE.The spoils for the elite? Qualification for the OCR World Championships. And for everyone else, the relish of being truly MacTuff.

For adults looking to dip their toe into the mud for the first time, MacTuff Virgins is a 3k challenge built for you. It is testing, and will test you, but without the extremes of the MacTuff 7k & 15k.

For Kids & Parents we have MacTuff Kids. An opportunity to take your offspring into an environment that will test them, enthrall them, and make them smile afterwards when they finish and know they have taken the first steps to being MacTuff. MacTuff Kids is for participation by children and their parents, a true bonding experience. Participation from age 5 (1 parent/guardian with 1 child) up to age 16 (1 parent/guardian per 5 children from age 12). Children and adults alike receive tshirts, medals and the full MacTuff Kids experience.

Whether you are a supreme warrior or a first time warrior, its time to gather, choose your clan, and become MacTuff.


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