Book your place for the JCT600 500 mile challenge! This ‘Tour de JCT600’ will take you on a virtual race circuit of all 53 JCT600 sites.

The race starts on 26th October 2020 and finishes on 20th December 2020. You will have 8 weeks to complete the 500 mile circuit.

You can clock up those miles in any way you wish – by walking, running, cycling…or a combination of all three. There is also an option to convert miles from almost any other activity or sport you enjoy. All movement counts towards your 500 miles.

You don’t have to do 500 miles alone! We encourage you to team up with your colleagues, friends or family. Anyone can join this event and help to raise money for BEN. We have three categories:

Category 1: Solo

Individual entrants will cover 500 miles in 8 weeks. That’s almost 9 miles a day for those who decide to go solo!

Category 2: Tag Team

2 person team to cover 500 miles in 8 weeks. If the miles are shared out equally that’s almost 4 and a half miles a day per person.  

Category 3: Bubble

3 person team to cover 500 miles in 8 weeks. If the miles are equally distributed that’s almost 3 miles a day per person.

You can link your fitness tracker to the event site/app to record your progress around the JCT600 circuit and track where you and your competitors are on the live leaderboard.

This is a great way to challenge yourself, boost your physical and mental health and have a bit of fun whilst supporting our industry charity BEN.

Best of Luck!


registrations are not available

The event is closed.