Join our newest challenge #ittakesavillage. Through April and May to support families at risk of separation.

Our vision is that one day every child will thrive in a safe and loving family

We are excited to announce our newest challenge, #ittakesavillage, taking place this April and May to support families at risk of separation. 

The saying "It takes a village to raise a child" originates from an African proverb that emphasises the importance of a community in providing a safe and healthy environment for children. This community can consist of parents, siblings, extended family members, neighbours, teachers, professionals, and other community members.

Raising children can be challenging, and sometimes we need to rely on the support of our friends and family to help us battle the odds.

Child's i Foundation works with the local community to create a safety net to protect children. Community volunteers are at the frontline of response for children and families at risk. They are respected individuals who live in communities where children and families who need support are living. They are the ears and eyes of every village, a sounding board for people who need support through poverty, grief response, disability support, education access and more

These local champions visit families door-to-door every single day to ensure children are in education, provide mental health support and parenting advice, and refer families to local services. They also ensure that those who need to start businesses receive the training and start-up income to become sustainable.

Throughout April or May, we are asking you to walk, run, cycle, or swim for 30 consecutive days to raise money and show support for our network of over 800 community volunteers. You can start anytime through April, but the latest date to join will be the 1st of May.

We challenge you to walk, run, cycle or swim 500 miles with your own village and spend 30 consecutive days supporting each other to reach that joint goal. If someone falls behind, your village will come together to pick up the extra miles and support each other towards the end goal. We recommend groups of 2 to 5 maximum which can be your work colleagues, family or friends.

Sign up to Enthuse & Strava to log your miles. Share social media posts with your friends and followers and tell them more about our work and how they can get involved!


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