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Join IronDad Virtual Challenge

If you can’t make an official event but still would love to challenge yourself and help support and empowering teenagers, you have another option,  join the IronDad Virtual Challenge.   

You can pledge to swim / cycle / run your chosen triathlon distance throughout the 32 days of the IronDad Challenge.  You don’t have to complete it all in one go, that’s the joy of a virtual triathlon! And you can choose to swim indoors or in open water.

Sign up to the distance you fancy and start your journey towards earning yourself a exclusive limit edition IronDad Challenge medal!


IronDad Challeneg – 1 km (Swim), 100km (Cycle), 10km (Run)

IronFamily Challenge 320m (Swim), 32km (Cycle), 3.2km (Run)

IronDad 100km Challenge – 100km (Cycle)

SuperYou Challenege – 5km (Run/Walk)

The challenge is to complete your chosen distance during the 32 days (and within a 48 hour timeframe). 

It’s your race, your rules, so you do the disciplines and the distances in the order you choose and when they fit in with your schedule. 

This event is a great way to motivate yourself and your family to take part in a physical challenge.

You can choose to spread your three disciplines over the 48 hours or complete them one after another in true triathlon style – whatever suits your commitments and ability – that’s the beauty of the IronDad Virtual Triathlon events.

On receipt of your proof of the three disciplines and relevant distances completed, you’ll receive your limited-edition IronDad Virtual Triathlon Medal.

Okay, so how does ‘IronDad Virtual Triathlon’ work?

A virtual triathlon is a race that can be completed at any location. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside or participate in another race. You can cycle on a static bike or cycle outside.  You can swim in a pool, a lake or the sea! You can run your race at your pace anywhere in the world.

 Virtual races are a great way to stay fit and active all year round and get a medal for your participation!

Choose your preferred race distance

Take on any of the distance challenges. You have 48 hours (and you can choose any 48 hours within the event month) to complete the required distance in each discipline, so assess what you think will be workable for you.

IronDad Challeneg – 1 km (swim), 100km (Cycle), 10km (run)

IronFamily Challenge 320m (Swim), 32km (Cycle), 3.2km (Run)

IronDad 100km Challenge – 100km (Cycle)

SuperYou Challenege – 5km (Run/Walk)

Send us your stats! 

Submit your evidence to us at 

You can send the evidence as a screenshot from an app, your watch, your laptop or even a photograph of your treadmill results for your runs. We don’t mind if you are using MayMyRun / MapMyRide, Strava, Garmin or any other digital fitness app, as long as we can get a clear understanding of your distance completed and the date it was completed on.

Submitting evidence of your swim distance is harder, unless you have a swim compatible device.  If you do, great.  Please submit your swim distance in the same manner as your bike and run distances.  If you don’t then we don’t expect you to head out and buy new tech just for this challenge and we will accept an email update of your swim dates and distances swam.  We firmly believe in you and trust your honesty – if you lie to us, you will only be lying to yourself!

Do also share evidence in the form of your selfies and training photos, which we will share in the Facebook page and use on our website.

Start counting the days until your IronDad Challenge Medal Arrives!

As soon as your evidence is received and processed, your medal will be posted to you. Please do allow time for postage, particularly if you are outside of the Ireland. And remember, we’ll be using the postal address you give us on your order form. We’ll also use the email address from there, should we need to email you.

Look forward to seeing you on the IronDad challenge!