Challenge #32 Final Day 

Everyone can join the Swim, Cycle & Run Challenge at the final Day in Blackrock Co Louth

Swimmers, Cyclists, Runners, Walkers.... 

The Irondad Challenge is an exciting event which is taking place in Summer 2019 to help raise funds for a not for profit organisation Super You.  

Starting on the 27th of June 2019, Declan will be travelling Ireland completing 32# 111km Triathlons in 32 Days in 32 Counties and on the 32nd day he wants your help!

On the 28th of July in Blackrock Dundalk Co. Louth you can join the Irondad Challenge with Declan when he completes his final challenge.  This will be a training day and not an offical race! No pressure with times! Donations go towards Super You. 

In each county local triathlon clubs will organise a non official challenge.  Anyone who takes part do so at there own risk. 

There are a number of options for the whole family to take part in this once in a life time challenge in Ireland, its never been done before, these include:



  1. Gold Challenge: 111km Irondad Challenge Training Event - 1km Swim, 100km Bike and 10km Run
  2. Sliver Challenge: 100km Cycle
  3. Bronze Challenge: 5km Walk, Jog, Run

 Take part, Help raise funds for Super You & most importantly have fun with your family!



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