This 5-short module course will give you a good introduction on what resonance boards are, very practical information on how to set up your resonance board work safely and different ideas and demonstrations of how they can be used effectively for people with severe learning difficulties and people with profound and multiple learning difficulties.  You do not require any musical skills to use resonance boards effectively and this course will show you how.

Resonance Boards Module 1

What, Who, Why

Length 11:30 Isabel talks about the basic idea of what a resonance board is and why they are such an important part of the Soundabout kit.


Resonance Boards Module 2


Length 11:56 In this video Isabel describes how resonance boards work and shares different set-ups you might want to try if you are working one-to-one or with groups.


Resonance Boards Module 3

Health & Safety

Length 7:01 In this session Isabel will give some invaluable advice on using the boards safely, including how best to prepare for people to lie on them.


Resonance Boards Module 4

Simple Ideas

Length 19:38 Isabel will begin to share ideas for playful interaction using the resonance boards, she includes simple songs and ideas that are accessible for anyone to try.


Resonance Boards Module 5

Further Ideas

Length 13:13 In this video, Isabel expands on ideas to try with the boards such as using different objects to create different sound experiences.


Resonance Board Bargain Bundle - All 5 Modules

BARGAIN BUNDLE - All 5 Modules

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