In this together October is back for 2023!

Pregnancy Sickness Support is asking partners, family members and friends of HG sufferers to join with HG community and complete an active challenge of their choice this October. 
In this together October offers a chance to raise awareness of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP), and the extreme form of the condition hyperemesis gravidarum (HG); as well as the opportunity to raise vital funds for our small but mighty charity. 

We need help now more than ever, to ensure that we can continue to provide:
  • our helpline, website and webchat, offering information and support, ensuring sufferers and family members have access to up to date information and support on NVP and HG.
  • training for health care professionals, with the aim that all sufferers are able to receive compassionate and appropriate medical treatment in their time of need
  • participation in new research, to understand more about the condition, and hopefully find a cure for future sufferers
  •  the lifeline of peer support provision, ensuring no sufferer feels alone whilst going through such a dark time in their life.
  • practical and emotional support for the partners/ carer's of HG sufferers throughout the UK.
  • our HG specific counselling service, where sufferers past and present can begin to heal the damage that HG has done to their mental health.
No matter what your level of fitness or what challenge you choose, joining the In this together October challenge is a an amazing way of saying ''I recognise your struggle and I appreciate how difficult it has been. I see you. I hear you. I support you.'

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There are currently no entry options available for this event.


In this together October 2023 - How does it work?

1. Choose your challenge

The challenge is completely up to you. Fundraiser Faye recommends picking a challenge that inspires you! That could be running, swimming, walking, spinning, dancing, wheeling, scooting etc! All you have to do is set yourself a target distance/ time frame for the month of October, to show your love and support for the HG sufferer in your life.

Please do not assume that your challenge needs to HUGE in order to be impactful. Last year's top fundraiser Emily Ghedia walked 5km around the block every day with her little one and raised an INCREDIBLE £1163.75 (Including GiftAid)

2. Register your place

Use the register button to sign up for the In this together October Challenge and follow the simple steps to create your own personal fundraising page. This event is free to enter.


3. Connect your apps

Connect your personal fundraising page to the Strava app to log your chosen activity by distance/ time. Don't worry if you forget to do this, you can also enter your activity manually.

4. Fundraise in aid of Pregnancy Sickness Support

Talk about your challenge with friends, collegues and on socials, remembering to share your personal fundraising page. Fundraiser Faye will also be on hand to support you in your fundraising with personalised QR code posters and social media posts. Faye will even write a press release for each fundraiser in the hope of getting your story in your local press. You will also receieve exclusive access to our challenge WhatsApp group.

In this together October - Useful Information

If you need any help to register, set up your fundraising page or with your personal fundraising please drop Fundraiser Faye a message via

[email protected]

Everyone is welcome to join in this challenge and you can even take part as a team! Please note that each team member is required to raise £25 in order to each claim their free PSS tee.

Suggested fundraising targets

We so appreciate your support of our small but mighty charity and all donations are very gratefully received. Every penny donated goes to supporting the HG community through our vital HG services.

To help you choose a fundraising target please find below a list of suggest targets - and the incredible difference they make to PSS! 

  • £25 - could train one health care professional, enabling them to deliver compassionate care and the right treatment plan for NVP and HG sufferers in need.
  • £50 - could recruit and trains one peer support volunter, welcoming former sufferers to the volunteer network, with training and support from PSS.  Peer support offers them opportunity to heal by turning the experience into something postitive, by helping other sufferers in need. Being able to speak to someone who has experienced the conditinon themselves makes a huge difference to a HG sufferer who is struggling.
  • £100 - could support one person throughout their entire pregnancy, delivering a constistantly high standard of care and support, ensuring no one has to suffer through the challenge of NVP and HG on their own.
  • £250 - could keep the Pregnancy Sickness Support helplines open for one day, delivering immediate support for sufferes in their time of need.
  • £400 - could fund a complete (8 session) course of HG counselling for one sufferer, condition specific support to help a HG sufferer to restart their lives after the nightmare that is HG.


Insurance and safety information

Please consult with a medical professional before commencing any new exercise program or activity.

Pregnancy Sickness Support is not insured for the following fundraisig activities - archery, ballooning, canoeing, clay pidgeon shooting, skiing, gliding, mountaineering, parachuting, pot-holing, sailing, open water swimming and diving.

Please get in touch with any queries!