Missing football?  Are you a Hibernian FC fan?  We need YOU to take part in the Keepie Uppie Challenge to collectively achieve a target of 20,421 keepie uppies – the number of seats at Easter Road Stadium.

How to take part:

  • Register below.
  • Pledge to do a minimum of 50 Keepie Uppies a day for five days. If you think you can do more than 50 a day that's great, set your own daily target.
  • This challenge is for all abilities so you can choose how you do your 50 a day, whether that's all in one go or five lots of ten.
  • Join our community of fundraisers and collect sponsorship to say Thank You NHS.
  • Make it fun - challenge five friends and family to take part. 
  • We'll be in touch to ask you to send us your results.  All Keepie Uppie totals to be sent in no later than the 5th September.
  • When you finish we'll send out a certificate and a limited edition pin badge.

Why we need your support?

Although we may have passed the initial peak of Coronavirus, the impacts will be felt for a long time to come, not only in our hospitals but also in our communities. As our NHS staff continue to care for patients, we need to care for them. Your fundraising make a huge difference to NHS staff, funding initiatives that support their physical and emotional wellbeing. By taking part in the Keepie Uppie challenge, you are helping us to be there now, and in the future, to help our NHS Heroes in the ongoing fight against Coronavirus.

Keepie Uppie Challenge Entry