Healthy Eating Policy Development Primary-1 Day Training

1 September 2023 - 30 June 2024

The aim of 'Wellbeing through Healthy Eating Policy development' training is to guide and support schools to either develop and implement a new healthy eating policy or to review an existing policy.  On this 1-Day in person training the participants will become familiar with healthy eating guidelines - 'Healthy Food For Life', as well as understanding the steps involved in developing a healthy eating policy for their school. 


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  • Substitution cover is available for this course. Substitution claims can be made after the course has been completed through the Online System, using the code 'Professional Development 1'. Only teachers on the dept of educations payroll will be able to make these claims. 
  • Travel expenses are not available for this course.
  • A maximum of 2 teachers per school will be allocated places on this course.
  • For more information contact [email protected]

We will generate a waiting list when the course is full. Unfortunately, we may not have the resources to service all waiting lists and so being on a waiting list does not guarantee you a place in a future course. 

List of training dates available;

Wellbeing through Healthy Eating Policy Development (Primary) - The Riasc Centre, Swords 28/02/24


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