It's time for something fun and something happy!

It’s been an extremely challenging time for charities, fundraising and supporters alike but why not do something fun! We have been working hard adapting as you have and combating the uncertainty and sadness but we think it’s high time for something fun, something happy!

We appreciate all your support keeping us working, it’s a tougher time now than it ever has been but you can help by signing up to do your Happy Hour challenge!

What is Happy Hour?

We are asking our supporters to take on a challenge for one hour or more in support of Dig Deep. The challenge can be anything but with the aim of doing something to boost mental well-being

Happy Hour is completely flexible! Whether we are all under tight lockdown restrictions or not, this hour can be done anywhere, at any time and can be anything! From learning a new skill, to doing some exercise, or giving up a bad habit; we have provided a few suggestions below -

  • Outdoor Exercise - Running, Cycling, Walking
  • Indoor Exercise - Climbing the stairs, Run a Fitness Class
  • Learning a new skill - Origami, Chess, Sign language
  • Dressing up- Halloween costumes, superheroes, get the pets involved
  • Quitting - Cigarettes, Alcohol and Donating the Money
  • Community support - Litter picking, Shopping for Someone Shielding, Calling OAPs, Baking for a Friend

You can post images, videos and updates to your fundraising pages, and connect to Strava if your hour is fitness related.

Come join us and pass on the challenge to friends and family to spread the happiness!

Get those around you smiling all in support of a great cause!

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