Spesh's Legacy will be an ongoing fundraiser to help The Red Foundation with the costs involved in supporting our Lifetime Care Dogs
Last year we spent £195,708.64 on vets fees ALONE - this is without behaviourist fees, kennel costs and any other expenses we incur monthly. £121,854.54 of this was on our lifetime care and IVDD dogs.
Most charities DO NOT continue covering expenses for medical costs on an ongoing basis - that's where we are different, and we are proud of that.
However with 235 lifetime care dogs on our books currently (that total rises every month) the costs are not sustainable without some serious fundraising.
Sponsoring one of our medical dogs monthly will really help with these costs!
As part of the Gold package you will receive
  • Certificate of Sponsorship for your chosen dog
  • Car/Window Sticker
  • Christmas and Birthday Card sent to you from your sponsored dog
  • The Red Foundation Pen
  • The Red Foundation Notebook
  • The Red Foundation Pin Badge
  • Two letters a year from your chosen dog