Have you ever wanted to know which foods are migraine-friendly? Have you every experienced dizziness due to migraine? Have you every had trouble in work with stigma of migraine? If you answered yes to any of these, then this event is for you.


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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that The Dizzy Cook herself, Alicia Wolf will be speaking to us about her experiences with Vestibular Migraine and what led to her developing her amazing blog and Migraine-Friendly food cookbooks.

Alicia will speak about her experience with Stigma and how she lost her job due to migraine and how the lack of support in the company affected her.

She will also speak about the foods and diets that are included in her two cookbooks - 'The Dizzy Cook' and 'The Mediterranean Migraine Diet'.

With thanks to the HSE CHO 5 Wexford for the funding for this event.