Dare the Drop!

Join GWAAC for a unique experience abseiling from the roof of Ashton Gate Stadium!

Make your way to the roof of the Dolman Stand at Ashton Gate Stadium, take a moment to enjoy the unique opportunity to see the stadium, Ashton Court and the Clifton Suspension Bridge in the distance. Then dare the drop by abseiling 75ft (23m) down to the side of the pitch.


Supervised and led by the abseil professionals from Rock Outdoors, this is a once in a lifetime experience that you do not want to miss!

Abseil Entry - Option 1

Twenty(five) is plenty - I am going all out on the fundraising! Pledge to raise a minimum of £200


Abseil Entry - Option 2

Fifty is nifty - I will raise a little less, thanks! Pledge to raise a minimum of £150