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More information about Couch - 2k

What is the Couch - 2k?

The Couch - 2k is a 5-week programme that will take you from doing no exercise to walking, jogging, rolling or pushing 2k.

If you have not been active and are looking for support and motivation to make a change, then this is for you.

Couch - 2k is an online programme that will be delivered through an App you download onto your phone or website. It is not an in person, face to face project. 

Couch - 2k provides weekly targets for you to complete, building up slowly over the 5 weeks. You will be supported by our expert coaches with messages, examples, and video support. You will also be joining hundreds of others who are part of this challenge. You can support them, and they will support you in your goals.

Key dates 

Now: Registration open
May 6th (Friday): Registration closes
May 6th - May 8th: Download the Movespring App and get familiar with the way it works.
May 9th (Monday): Programme start - 5 week programme
June 12th: Complete your 2k!

Key information

  • The programme is delivered using an App that you can download onto your phone or link with your wearable device. To get the most out of the programme, we recommend you use a smartphone to access the App.
  • This App enables you to track your step count and your progress across the five weeks. The app also includes a chat function, tips, warm up and warm down videos, and other helpful content.
  • The Couch - 2k programme is being run by your Local Sports Partnership - you will be grouped with other local participants who are completing the programme.
  • This is a virtual programme which means the programme can continue should there be future Coronavirus restrictions. There are no face-to-face coaching or meetings planned.
  • This programme is inclusive and welcomes people with physical and or intellectual disabilities.
  • After you register, your details will be shared with your Local Sports Partnership; your local sports partnership is determined by your Townland. They will contact you following registration with information about the next steps.

*Terms and conditions for the €100 Voucher prize draw are provided in this link.