Join us for the Charlie Watkins Foundation Charity Christmas Concert. 

Charlie Watkins was just 22 when he took his own life in 2017. Outwardly, he was a confident and happy young man who studied criminology at the University of York.  However, the loss of his mother to cancer when Charlie was nine years old had a huge impact and from then on, he struggled with his mental health. 

Following Charlie's tragic death, his father Tim and twin brother, Harry, were determined to keep Charlie’s memory alive and make a real difference to the increasing number of young people across the country facing mental health challenges. 

They decided to set up the Charlie Watkins Foundation and started working with the independent charitable trust Essex Community Foundation. 

Projects for pupils and students in schools and universities, as well as informative video guides for parents seeking support for their children, have all been made possible by the generous support already received.   


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