Become a Carer Friendly Workplace Champion 


If you’re passionate about supporting the working Carers amongst your colleagues, have good listening skills and want to help create positive organisational change, this is the course for you. 


Dates of course: 10th May and 17th May, starting at 9.30am


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There are currently no entry options available for this event.


Using our RISE model of supporting working Carers, you will learn how to: 


R:aise positive awareness of Carers across your workplace 

I:ncrease identification of Carers in your organisation 

S:ignpost Carers to support 

E:mpower Carers to make positive changes 


Undertake this training to find out about the challenges facing your colleagues juggling work and unpaid Carer, discover practical techniques to support Carers across your organisation and help to create a Carer Friendly culture in your organisation.  


Course content: Weekly 2.5 hour session, for two weeks and you must be available to attend both sessions. 


Please note that this training is delivered as an interactive experience, we request all attendees have cameras on and are ready to take part in discussions. If you are working from home, feel free to use a background. If you wish to attend but do not wish to use your camera please contact us prior to training.