Cabbage Patch 10 2020

Sunday, 18 October 2020, 09:00

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We confirmed earlier this year that entries for the 2020 Cabbage Patch 10, scheduled for Sunday 18th October, would open on Wednesday 1st April. However, as we’re living in uncertain times, we’ve decided to put the date for opening entries on hold.

Our ambition is to open entries in the summer, but it’s difficult to be specific about when right now. 
We will operate a waiting list and you can register below. 
This both gives you priority when we do open entries, and us a sense of how many are interested in the race this year. (It won't however guarantee a place).
This decision has partly been taken as a number of spring events, which many of you may already be due to run, are being rescheduled around the Cabbage Patch 10 date.


New to the Cabbage Patch 10?

The Cabbage Patch 10 mile race is one of the flattest and fastest 10 milers in the country. Starting and finishing in Twickenham the course follows a loop, crossing the River Thames at Kingston Bridge and Richmond Bridge. This race has sold out for the last seven years. 

This road race is unsuitable for buggies, pushchairs and wheelchairs, which are therefore not permitted.

Please note the new earlier start time of 09:00am.




Waiting List

Registrations are not available at the moment

Join the waiting list and we will email you if a place becomes available