701km Worldwide group Balance Marathon raising money to support mental health through Parkour for Free Your Instinct (UK) and Wallrunners (Palestine)



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Your fundraising and donations will help support parkour for mental health and wellbeing throughout the world, heres how:

  • £1 Enables the organisations to provide each participant with drinking water for the session
  • £10 Enables a participant to access a Free Your Instinct or Wallrunners session for FREE
  • £100 enables the organisations to provide coaches with a clearly identifiable uniform, reassuring those who may be nervous about attending a class, to visibly see who to approach
  • £600 Supports a participants journey from Participant to Qualified Coach
  • £1000 enables us to support the continued professional development of coaches, offering supervisionary and theraputic support for their own mental health and well being

The Balance Marathon:

Over the last 2 years, Ukemi and Free Your Instinct have run The Balance Marathon to raise funds for parkour for mental health, partnering with other organisations from across the world.

The challenge itself is to balance a certain distance on a line/wall/rail. In the first year we were merely hoping to accumulate a team effort of 26miles (hence "Balance Marathon") We totalled 30miles. Last year we increased that to 149km (the distance of the Nullarbor Straight in Australia- often referred to as "The Long and Lonely Road" to reflect the challenges many had faced during the pandemic) and finished with a total distance of 334km.

In 2020 we partnered with SoulParkour in Germany. In 2021 we partnered with Parkour Visions in USA. This year we plan on partnering with "Wall Runners" in Gaza who specialise in delivering parkour to young people affected by areas of conflict such as Palestine and Kashmir. Over the last year, we have started to deliver courses with the Refugee Resettlement Programme in Bristol. As such, the funds raised through this programme will support not only those affected by the conflict in Gaza, but also those seeking support as part of the Refugee Resettlement Programme in Bristol.

Between the 3rd and 12th of June we are attempting to bring together the global parkour community to balance a total of 1 million steps (701km) to raise money, awareness and promote the benefits of parkour for physical and mental wellbeing.