Official event of PROJECT:TALK's Mental Fitness Month

Our Around Your Mind event encourages you to set a personal goal whilst embarking on a collective virtual journey around the world.

PROJECT:TALK hopes to give you a feel of something many of us have missed - the enjoyment and curiosity of exploring. We hope that through this event you will feel part of a wider community and find value in physical exercise whilst embarking on an educational adventure, leading to a greater appreciation of others' unique stories.

At times like these - amidst a pandemic - there has never been a more important time to unite each other. Ultimately, we hope that the Around Your Mind event will foster hope as we come out of the national lockdown.


Taking part is simple: by getting outdoors and partaking in your chosen form of physical exercise (recorded via popular fitness app 'Strava'), you will contribute your own distance travelled towards a collective goal of 15,000kms. The total distance achieved each day will contribute to a cumulative virtual journey, through which we will visit and learn about mental fitness in different countries around the world.


On arriving at a virtual location, you will receive a unique travel guide including:

  • A description of the destination listing top 'must see' landmarks and experiences you can't miss as well as recipes to explore the native cuisine from your own home.
  • Learn what is unique about each community's mental fitness culture. They'll also have the opportunity to hear from a variety of inspirational individuals, who will kindly be sharing their own experiences of mental fitness.


Alongside these travel guides and other educational materials, participants will receive travel-themed prizes when they reach set goals, e.g. for contributing 100kms, 150kms, etc., or raising £100, £200, etc.


There will be a series of mini-events highlighting Mental Health Awareness Week. These will provide both short and longer-term goals for improving our mental fitness on each day of Mental Health Awareness Week.

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Around Your Mind Ticket